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10th October 2014

My latest project The widgets


14th March 2014

I wrote a song for Loughborough Farm, a farm in the heart of South London. You can check it out here.

29th July 2011

Following recent events I made a video for my Amy Winehouse song:

18th February 2011

My video for "Ocean Floor" is now released:

1st August 2010

As part of a village fete birthday extravaganza I organised a jam session in the downstairs room of a pub in Holborn. I also set up my splicer echo effect where the sound from the room was cut up, looped and then the different segments were delayed by different times. Using the laptop I was then able to reverse, pitch shift and filter the playback. Musicians and dancers interacted with the effect. It sounded pretty interesting, loads of crazy feedback. I will make some recordings of this type of thing soon.

13th July 2010

I played Ronni Scotts bar! Turned up with my new rig, laptop, foot controller and guitar. I was billed as being just acoustic so it was a bit of a shock for the organisers but they helped me soundcheck and later I was onstage playing my new material. The software worked mostly, although it was hard to hear due to a noisy crowd but some must have been listening as I sold CDs and also got some photos. For those that are too busy or live too far away to see me play, I'm going to make some videos soon so watch this space.

18 June 2010

I have just rewritten this blog as I'm sick of referring to myself in the third person (apparently that is what serial killers do). Also I got my new loop rig working on Max/MSP! Still a lot of work to do before I can gig with it but is a good start.

17th June 2010

So much for not gigging for a bit. Just been offered a gig at the Ritzy on the 29th supporting Davey Moss, a great guitarist, singer and fellow loopist so a difficult one to turn down. I doubt I'll be ready with the new rig but I can still do fun things with the Boss loop pedal.

13th June 2010

I have just finished the first version of my website. The website features several drawings from my friend Brett Gowlett (check out his show reel) and also has the �Monsters Ink!� game.

Future ideas include music for the game and also a virtual art gallery. If you want to be kept updated then please join the mailing list. Also if you would like to be one of the first exhibitors in the gallery then please email me with images or concepts.

1st June 2010

I am taking a break from gigging to work on my new live rig which will involve a pedal board and a laptop. I am going to be using Max/MSP to program my own interactive looping and effects. A bit of a challenge but the possibilities are endless and I am very excited to have finally found a way to use my programming skills in a musical context.

27th May 2010

I played a last minute headline slot at the World�s End in Finsbury Park, a homely pub with good beer and nice food. There were a few technical issues which kept me on my toes but the songs came across well I was happy.

17th May 2010

I played my first non acoustic solo gig with electric guitar and loopstation to an intimate crowd at the Source Below in Soho.

The uneven stone floor made me realize while people purchase pedal boards but apart from the odd pedal capsizing the gig was a success.

After the gig I realized that the loopstation I was using despite being one of the most mighty and feature ridden is fundamentally limited so I have decided to investigate other possibilities.

11th March 2010

I played a gig at the Ritzy in Brixton with a trio, Pharoah Russell on drums and Gigi Piscitelli on bass. A fun gig; Pharoah�s family, in particular his one year old son Elvin, created a unique atmosphere.

7th November 2009

The �lost then found� album launch. After an excellent opening acoustic set from Julia Biel I played my entire album with a band which consisted of long time friend and collaborator Pharoah Russell on drums plus electric guitar whizz and producer Gigi Piscitelli. There was also sonorous sounding bass from Brett Shearer and delightfully delicate backing vocals from Portia Winters. The evening ended with a spontaneous jam session and a party.