The Widgets

I have recently agreed to be the publicist for The Widgets, the sensational band from the Midlands.

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Official press release for the Widgets latest video single "google it"

Following the success of their tour up and down the M1, The Widgets are pleased to announce the release of their latest video single 'google it' - an upbeat tune with an irresistible hook that exemplifiers the band`s enthusiasm for modern technology.

The Widgets first single 'date date', an electronic ode to internet dating, was aired on Milton Keynes` local radio as part of the 3am 'best of the net' weekly roundup. The single also enjoyed local success after being featured through the tannoys of Milton Keynes shopping centre after the speaker system was hijacked by Widgets fan Felicity Able who was later fined for causing a public nuisance.

The band are also known for their unique live performances. Their lead singer, Cuthbert Dinglebread, often causes a stir with his eccentric stage antics which have included wearing his T-Shirt inside out, attempting to smash an iPad on stage and stopping midway through a song to reply to a text.

Sadly Cuthbert`s addiction to his mobile phone became so out of control that The Widgets had to temporarily disband while their front man recovers. However many of their recordings were close to completion and they will be released once the finishing studio touches have been applied.